Sunda Strait separates?

A). Java from Sicily

B). Sumatra from Java

C). Java from Singapore

D). Singapore from Sumatra

Which of the following words explains a narrow strip of land separating two seas and connecting two landmarks?

A). Isthmus

B). Strait

C). Bay

D). Gulf

The world`s famous bridge “Golden Gate” is located in?

A). New York

B). Mexico

C). London

D). San Francisco

The Pescadores Islands are located in which strait?

A). Straits of Gibraltar

B). Straits of Malacca

C). Korea Strait

D). Taiwan Strait

Which of the following strait join the Red Sea with Gulf of Aden?

A). Bering Strait

B). Bab-ul-Mandab Strait

C). Bosphorous Strait

D). Davis Strait

Bali is an Island of?

A). Indonesia

B). Malaysia

C). Australia

D). None of these

Which is the largest island of the of the world?

A). Honshu

B). Baffin

C). Borneo Island

D). None of these

Falkland Islands are disputed between two countries?

A). China & Japan

B). England & Argentina

C). USA and Russia

D). None of these

During the Second World War, which of these islands was awarded a medal for gallantry?

A). Cyprus

B). Malta

C). Jersey

D). Hawaii

Which explorer discovered the island on Jamaica?

A). Francis Drake

B). Christopher Columbus

C). Ferdinand Magellan

D). Vasco da Gama