The area of Baluchistan makes up ___ per cent of Pakistan

A). 43

B). 50

C). 24

D). 34

Land situated between two rivers is known:

A). Doab

B). Khaddar

C). Desert

D). Bar

In which province of Pakistan there is no desert?


B). Baluchistan

C). Sindh


The Durand Line is the border between:

A). Pakistan & Afghanistan

B). Pakistan & Iran

C). Iran & Afghanistan

D). Russia & Pakistan

Which province is known as “Bab-ul-Islam?

A). Punjab

B). Sindh

C). Baluchistan


Pakistan China border treaty was signed in which year?

A). 1958

B). 1959

C). 1964

D). 1963

The highest peak of Karakoram Range is:

A). Pamir

B). Nanga Parbat

C). K-2

D). Rakaposhi

K-2 is also known as:

A). Goodwin Austin

B). Broad Peak

C). Roshan Peak

D). Sia Kingri

What is the height of Trich Mir peak?

A). 7960 meters

B). 7650 meters

C). 7670 meters

D). 7640 meters

How many peaks in Pakistan are higher than 8000 meters?

A). 4

B). 3

C). 5

D). 2