When World Day against Trafficking is celebrated every year?

A). 31st December

B). 30th July

C). 29th September

D). 28th July

On which date Financial Action Task Force (FATF) was established to control money laundering and terrorist financing.

A). 1999

B). 1989

C). 2003

D). 1987

Pakistan is member of the APG Asia Pacific Group since ______ (APG is a regional body of Paris-based FATF of the United Nations).

A). 1999

B). 1989

C). 2003

D). 1987

Oldest airline of the Pakistan is:

A). Orient Airways

B). Pakistan Airline

C). Aero Asia Airline

D). Shaheen Airline

Which gas was used for the first time in World War 1?

A). Chlorine

B). Nitrogen

C). Hydrogen

D). Helium

Who was the President of USA during World War 1?

A). Theodore Roosevelt

B). Calvin Coolidge

C). James Buchanan

D). Woodrow Wilson

S-400 missile system is associated with which of the following countries?


B). North Korea

C). Russia

D). China

“Higher than Hopes” is a biography of Nelson Mandela, written by?

A). Fatima Meer

B). Noam Chomsky

C). Vincent Van Gogh

D). Alastair Lamb

“Harry Potter” series is associated with?

A). Laurence Oliver

B). J.K Rowling

C). William Charles

D). Thomas Hardy

When was the Lord Mountbatten was sent as the last Viceroy and Governor General of India?

A). March, 1947

B). April, 1947

C). May, 1947

D). June, 1947