The Suez Canal was completed in

A). 1869

B). 1857

C). 1971

D). None of these

Homer is a Greek

A). Poet

B). Singer

C). Artist

D). None of these

Golden temple is related to

A). Christians

B). Jews

C). Sikhs

D). Hindus

UK city Manchester is famous for

A). Trading Companies

B). Textile

C). Both (a) & (b)

D). None of these

The length of river Indus is approximately

A). 3180 km

B). 2712 km

C). 2562 km

D). 3600 km

Cathy Pacific is

A). Airline of Hong Kong

B). Airline of Canada

C). Airline of USA

D). None of these

Mycology is study of

A). Fungi

B). Bacteria

C). Viruses

D). Algae

Cyclones are

A). low pressure areas

B). high pressure areas

C). both (a) & (b)

D). None of these

Doha is the seaport of

A). Libya


C). Bahrain

D). Qatar

The ottoman Dynasty fell in

A). 1810

B). 1924

C). 1940

D). None of these