Britain PM is elected by

A). Queen

B). King

C). Prince

D). None of these

How many countries are members of NATO

A). 20

B). 23

C). 26

D). 30

Headquarter of Greenpeace in

A). Amsterdam ( Netherlands )

B). Brussels ( Belgium )

C). Islamabad ( Pakistan )

D). Washington DC ( USA )

American President should be resident of USA for

A). 10 years

B). 11 years

C). 12 years

D). 14 years

Minar-e-Pak was built in

A). 1948

B). 1958

C). 1968

D). None of these

Which is coldest place of Pakistan

A). Lahore

B). Murree

C). Islamabad

D). Skardu

1 Nibble =

A). 2 bits

B). 4 bits

C). 6 bits

D). 8 bits

FBI of America was established on

A). 1901

B). 1902

C). 1903

D). 1908

The Headqauarter of Red Cross is in

A). London

B). Geneva

C). NewYork

D). Berlin

Aswan Dam is in

A). Egypt

B). Sudan

C). Libya

D). Algeria