In which country did the Industrial Revolution begin in the year 1750?

A). England

B). France

C). Germany

D). Italy

The outstanding city of the Italian Renaissance was?

A). Milan

B). Rome

C). Turin

D). Florence

The concept of “Declaration of Independence” are based on the ideas of the philosopher?

A). Locke

B). Descartes

C). Hobbes

D). Smith

The Russian revolutionaries derived their ideology from the doctrines of?

A). Marx and Stalin

B). Lenin and Stalin

C). Lenin and Engels

D). Marx and Engels

The slogan “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” was actually given by the?

A). French Revolution

B). Russian Revolution

C). Industrial Revolution

D). American War of Independence

“Blood and Iron” was the political and economic policy of?

A). Frederick the Great

B). Kaiser William 1

C). Bismarck

D). Hitler

The scientist who first studied the world of microscopic life was?

A). Kepler

B). Bacon

C). Copernicus

D). Leeuwenhoek

In which country did the first Marxist revolution take place?

A). Germany

B). Italy

C). Great Britain

D). Russia

Who wrote the revolutionary pamphlet “Common Sense” in the American revolution war?

A). Thomas Paine

B). Thomas Jefferson

C). George Washington

D). Samuel Adams

The rule who stated “I am the State” was?

A). Napoleon

B). Alexander the Great

C). Catherine the Great

D). Louis XIV