Wisdom teeth normally grows during the age of

A). 17-30 years

B). 12-25 years

C). 30-40 years

D). 40-45 years

Which planet is known as watery planet

A). Mercury

B). Earth

C). Venus

D). Mars

Karakoram Pass connects Kashmir with ____

A). India

B). Iran

C). China

D). Afghanistan

Land between Beas and Ravi is called

A). Doaaba Bari

B). Doaaba Rachna

C). Doaaba Chaj

D). None of these

Karakoram highway completed in

A). 1978

B). 1980

C). 1982

D). 1985

Nanga Parbat is commonly known as

A). Black Mountain

B). Killer Mountain

C). Skardu

D). Diameer

War of independence was fought in

A). 1850

B). 1854

C). 1857

D). 1858

The SUPARCO headquarter is located at ____

A). Lahore

B). Karachi

C). Islamabad

D). Quetta

Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park is located in ____

A). Bhawalpur

B). Lodhran

C). Sahiwal

D). Multan

When Pakistan became member of ILO

A). 1949

B). 1951

C). 1953

D). 1981