Accumulation of salts in kidneys results in_________?

A). Diabetes
B). Hypertension
C). Cancer
D). Kidney Stone

Medium sized kidney stones are removed by__________?

A). Dialysis
B). Lithotripsy
C). Excretion
D). Laser

In radiation, which of the following has strong photons?

A). X-Rays
B). Gamma
C). Microwave
D). Electromagnetic

Balloons are filled with—

A). Helium

B). Oxygen

C). Nitrogen

D). Argon

The Charcoal used to decolorize raw sugar is—

A). Animal charcoal

B). Sugar charcoal

C). Cocoanut charcoal

D). Wood charcoal

Washing soda is the common name of—

A). Calcium carbonate

B). Calcium Bi-carbonate

C). Sodium carbonate

D). Sodium Bi-carbonate

The filament of electric bulb is made of—

A). Iron

B). Nichrome

C). Tungsten

D). Graphite

Bleaching powder is made from—

A). Sulphur dioxide and gypsum

B). Chlorine and Charcoal

C). Soda ash and lime

D). Lime and chlorine

Brass is an alloy of—

A). Nickel and Copper

B). Copper and Silver

C). Nickel and Zinc

D). Zinc and Copper

Monazite is an ore of—

A). Sodium

B). Titanium

C). Thorium

D). Zirconium

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