Coenzyme is—

A). Always protein

B). Often metal

C). Always inorganic compound

D). Often a vitamin

Cholesterol is one kind of—

A). Saturated fatty acid

B). Unsaturated fatty acid

C). Steroid

D). Diglyceride

Ethyl-alcohol is mixed completely with water. How ethyl alcohol is separated from the mixture?

A). By separation flannel

B). By evaporation

C). Partial-distillation

D). Evaporation of water

Combustion is a process by which—

A). Heat is produced

B). Light is produced

C). Heat and light both are produced

D). None of these

Which of the following is the best conductor of Electricity?

A). Ordinary water

B). Sea water

C). Boiled water

D). Distilled water

Human eye is how many Megapixels?

A). 1080 MP
B). 720 MP
C). 576 MP
D). 570 MP

Vitamin C is essential for___________?

A). Appetite
B). Growth & repairing of tissues
C). Muscles
D). Brain

For the generation of biogas, the materials commonly used are__________?

A). Animal wastes
B). Forest residues
C). Aquatic plants
D). None of these

Which of these is NOT an example of a renewable energy source?

A). Wind energy
B). Solar
C). Coal
D). Hydroelectric power

Which of these is NOT a form of energy?

A). Heat
B). Light
C). Temperature
D). Electricity

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