___________ is a mammal who fly?

A). Ostrich
B). Bat
C). Peacock
D). None of these

Which of the following is the lightest substance?

A). Uranium
B). Hydrogen
C). Oxygen
D). Nitrogen

For galvanizing of iron which of the following metals is used?

A) Aluminum
B). Copper
C). Zinc
D). Lead

Crude Oil is heated in the furnace up to _________?

A). 300°C
B). 350°C
C). 400°C
D). 450°C

Inflammation of liver is caused by____________?

A). Cholera
B). Hepatitis
C). Typhoid
D). Jaundice

Speed of sound in air is _______km/h?

A). 1347
B). 243
C). 1235
D). 1495

What is the percentage of water present in our brain?

A). 85%
B). 95%
C). 97%
D). 73%

Identify the blackest fish in the oceans?

A). Black Seafish
B). Black Dragon fish
C). Black Sea Horse
D). Black Gillfish

Sensory neurons carry message towards ?

A). Muscle
B). Muscles and Glands
C). Sense and Organs
D). Brain and Spinal Cord 

The apart of neuron which receives message are__________?

A). Cell Bodies
B). Axons
C). Nuclei
D). Dendrites

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