Latest and Important GK MCQs

Which of the Great Lakes has the largest surface area?

A). Lake Erie

B). Lake Superior

C). Lake Ontario

D). Lake Michigan

San Francisco Golden Gate located in which state?

A). California

B). Washington

C). Texas

D). Arizona

What South American city is the world`s highest national capital?

A). Lima

B). Sao Paulo

C). La Paz

D). Montevideo

Which of the following crops is the largest consumer of water?

A). Rice

B). Wheat

C). Pulses

D). Sugarcane

The Galapagos Islands belong to which country?

A). Ecuador

B). Colombia

C). Venezuela

D). Peru

Which of the following countries is landlocked countries?

A). Uruguay

B). Pakistan

C). Bolivia

D). All of Above

Equator passes through?

A). Pakistan

B). Malta

C). Malaysia

D). Indonesia

The only line of latitude which is as large as any line of longitude is the:

A). Prime Meridian

B). Tropic of Capricorn

C). Tropic of Cancer

D). Equator

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are called?

A). Balkan States

B). Yugoslavia

C). Scandinavia

D). Baltic States

Which country shares the longest continuous border with China?

A). Russia

B). Kazakhstan

C). India

D). Mongolia