Big Five (USA, UK, France, Italy and Japan) are related with:

A). World War 1

B). World War 2


D). None of these

Second Largest ethnic group in Afghanistan is:

A). Uzbeks

B). Tajiks

C). Hazaras

D). None of these

What is Total Length of Gwadar Motorway:

A). 892 Km

B). 933 Km

C). 605 Km

D). 1105 Km

NPT stands for:

A). National Protection Treaty

B). Non-Proliferation Treaty

C). National peaceTreaty

D). Non-Resident Protection Treaty

What is the second name of cruise missile BABUR:

A). Hatf V

B). Hatf VI

C). Hatf VII

D). Hatf IV

Jose Harnandez is the national poet of:

A). Australia

B). Brazil

C). Argentina

D). France

The most industrialized country in Asia is:

A). Japan

B). South Korea

C). Taiwan

D). Malaysia

National Income of a country is based on:

A). The taxes earned by State

B). The sum of all factors of income

C). Personal incomes of all citizens

D). Surplus of exports over imports

Which is shallowest sea of the world:

A). North Sea

B). Gulf of St. Lawrence

C). Sea of Azov

D). Gulf of Mexico

Highest military award of Italy is :

A). Medal of Virtui Military

B). Medal of Honor

C). Iron Cross

D). Medal for Valour