La Palma Real is national tree of:

A). Denmark

B). Argentina

C). Cuba

D). Cambodia

What is the national tree of Denmark :

A). Maple

B). Beech

C). Golden Oak

D). Olive

Olive is national tree of:


B). Brazil

C). Albania

D). Argentina

Titanic got 11 Oscar Awards in :

A). 1997

B). 1998

C). 1999

D). 2000

Formosa is the old name of :

A). Tibet

B). Taiwan

C). Brazil

D). Poland

The World’s narrowest street is:

A). Wall Street

B). Sleet Street

C). Vicolo Della Virilita

D). Yonge street

Almus Dam is in:

A). Iran

B). Ghana

C). Turkey

D). Argentina

The Largest car producer in the world :

A). Japan

B). Russia

C). UK

D). Norway

MI-6 Britain’s agency was established in :

A). 1906

B). 1909

C). 1912

D). 1915

Ogaden desert is present in :

A). Asia

B). Africa

C). Europe

D). America