Simpson desert is present in :

A). Usa

B). Uk

C). Morocco

D). Australia

National bird of Australia is :

A). Andean Condor

B). Gallic Rooster

C). Emu

D). White  Stork

Highest military award of Kuwait is :

A). Order of leopard

B). Wisam Al Tahrir

C). Iron cross

D). None of these

South Pole is located in which continent:

A). Africa

B). Australia

C). Greenland

D). Antarctica

Highest military award of Germany is :

A). Victoria Cross

B). Iron Cross

C). Military Cross

D). Medal of Honour

Which is the capital of East Timor:

A). Tini

B). Dili

C). Juba

D). Cancun

Waterloo is located in :

A). France

B). Belgium

C). Switzerland

D). UK

Johannesburg is famous for :

A). Gold mines

B). Diamond mining

C). Seaport

D). Oil fields

VEVAK is agency of which country:

A). Iraq


C). Iran

D). Denmark