When Commonwealth was established

A). 1931

B). 1932

C). 1947

D). 1927

Capital of Yemen is

A). Belgrade

B). Biladul Arab

C). Addis Ababa

D). Sana’a

Sir Abdullah Haroon died in

A). 1942

B). 1945

C) 1947

D). 1944

World War II began in

A). 1938

B). 1939

C). 1940

D). 1941

By whom Persian Empire was finally broken in 331 B.C

A). Greeks

B). Romans

C). Muslims

D). None of these

Berbers belonged to

A). Morocco

B). India

C). Africa

D). None of these

Musa bin Nusair was the Governor of

A). Egypt

B). Basra

C). Africa

D). None of these

Bimaristan means

A). Hospital

B). Office

C). Court

D). School

The first Islamic month is

A). Safar

B). Zil Hajj

C). Muharram

D). Rajab

Shenzhen Airlines is the airline of

A). China

B). Lebanon

C). Slovenia

D). Malaysia