First Mujadid was Hazrat Umar Bin Abdul Aziz. Who was the second one?

A). Ibn-e-Taimya

B). Imam Ghazali

C). Ahmad Sirhandi

D). Shah Waliullah

Muslims are the best of all due to?

A). Justice

B). Moderation

C). Truthfulness

D). None of these

When law of inheritance was revealed?

A). 3rd AH

B). 4 AH

C). 5 AH

D). None of these

Imam Dar ul Hijrat is the title of?

A). Imam Hanbal

B). Imam Malik

C). Imam Shafi

D). None of these

What does mean by Sahih?

A). Authentic

B). True

C). Right

D). Exact

Syria was conquered in 633 A.D. what was the year in Hijrah?

A). 12 AH

B). 13 AH

C). 14 AH

D). 15 AH

Which false prophet was called the liar by the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?

A). Musailma

B). Sajjah

C). Aswad Ansi

D). None of these

What was the name of Hazrat Umar`s sister who had embraced Islam along with her husband?

A). Fatimah (RA)

B). Ateeqa (RA)

C). Kulsoom (RA)

D). Salma (RA)

How many years did Haroon-ur-Rasheed reign?

A). 20 years

B). 21 years

C). 22 years

D). 23 years

Who did secularize education and separated it from politics?

A). Ameen

B). Mamoon

C). Hadi

D). Haroon