Mountain Uhud is located in?

A). Macca

B). Madina

C). Taif

D). Tabuk

The incident of Miraj (the Night Journey and Ascension) has been discussed in Surah?

A). Surah al Baqarah

B). Surah Bani-Israel

C). Surah At-Tauba

D). Surah-e-Yunus

The Method of Ablution (Wudu) is in Surah?

A). Surah Al-Baqarah

B). Surah  Al-Ma`idah

C). Surah Al-Noor

D). Surah Al Nisa

How many lashes in the punishment of adultery in Quran?

A). 60

B). 70

C). 80

D). 100

Which Surah starts with Bismillah?

A). Al-Baqarah

B). Al-Nisa

C). Al-Toba

D). Al-Ikhlas

Illat is a part of?

A). Qias

B). Ijmaa

C). Hadith

D). Sunnat

For—–Saturday is important

A). Jews

B). Muslims

C). Christian

D). Zartisht

Which is a religious book of Hinduism?

A). Injeel

B). Taurait

C). Ramayana

D). Bible

In which Hijarh the order of Zakat was revealed?

A). 12

B). 10

C). 9

D). 7

Avesta is the religious book of

A). Zarathustrianism

B). Christianity

C). Buddhism

D). Hinduism