Latest and Important Pak Study MCQs

Sindh was conquered by Muhammad bin Qasim during period of

A). Ummayads

B). Tulun

C). Abbasids

D). Khiljis

Raja Dahir was the ruler of

A). Lahore

B). Sindh

C). Peshawar

D). Delhi

Makli Hill a _____ is situated in the province of Sindh

A). Graveyard

B). Playground

C). Ancient building

D). local dance

MohenjoDaro is located in___


B). Sindh

C). Balochistan

D). Punjab

Muhammad bin Qasim tortured to death in a prison in Iraq during caliphate of ____

A). Yazid

B). Walid

C). Sulaiman

D). None of these

Mhamood’s first important battle was fought against___ near Peshawar at Muharram 392 AH/25 November 1001 AD

A). Sukhpal

B). Jaipal

C). Anandpal

D). None of these

In 133 AH/750 AD the Abbasids overthrew the___

A). Safvids

B). Umayads

C). Walid

D). Meds

Which province of Pakistan is called Bab-ul-Islam


B). Punjab

C). Balochistan

D). Sindh

Muhammad Bin Qasim was nephew of

A). Suleman bin Abdul Malik

B). Walid bin Abdul Malik

C). Hajjaj bin Yusuf

D). Abdul Malik bin Marwan

Raja Dahir was defeated by

A). Muhammad Bin Qasim

B). Tariq bin Zaid

C). Khalid Bin Waleed

D). Abdul Malik