What is the total area of Pakistan?

A). 796,096 sq km

B). 797,096 sq km

C). 798,094 sq km

D). 799,097 sq km

Name the area which separates Pakistan from Central Asian States?

A). Pamir Knot

B). Wakhan

C). Khyber Pass

D). None of these

The are of Baluchistan makes up ___ per cent of Pakistan?

A). 43

B). 50

C). 24

D). 34

Land situated between two rivers is known:

A). Doab

B). Khaddar

C). Desert

D). Bar

The Climate of Pakistan is mostly referred as?

A). Hot and dry

B). Hot and moist

C). Cold and dry

D). None of these

In which province of Pakistan there is no desert?


B). Punjab

C). Sindh

D). Baluchistan

Which desert in Punjab is the continuation of the Thar desert in Sindh and Rajasthan Desert in India?

A). Cholistan

B). Thal

C). Kharan

D). None of these

What is the total area of Punjab?

A). 128,122 sq km

B). 210,232 sq km

C). 205,344 sq km

D). None of these

In which province of Pakistan, the of desert Thal lies?

A). Punjab

B). Sindh


D). Baluchistan

Geographically Pakistan is located in:

A). South East Asia

B). South Asia

C). Central Asia

D). Middle East